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BritCubes Eco-friendly approach ..........

Here at BritCubes, we are making sure to do what we can to be as eco-friendly and environmentally conscious as possible in our operating of the store. The Climate Emergency is the most important issue facing our society today, and we feel it’s incredibly important for ourselves as a business and for individuals to reduce our environmental impact, and think about how our actions will affect the world around us.

I (Joe) have been vegan for several years now, and as an animal lover, when forming BritCubes I wanted to think about how I could make the business as environmentally friendly as possible. Some examples of what we are doing is:

  • Within our parcels, we use fully recyclable bubble wrap, which is itself made from recycled plastic. 
  • The boxes we post parcels in are fully recyclable, and made out of single walled cardboard. We leave notes in our orders, and included in the note is a request for all customers to recycle our packaging.
  • We use paper tape, which is fully recyclable, so can just be chucked in the recycling bin with the box!
  • As much of our packaging as possible is made using recycled materials.
  • We no longer stock or supply single-use plastic items such as cube stands.
  • We request our supplier to use the least packaging possible when sending parcels to us, and have been involved in a petition requesting cubing companies to use less packaging. The puzzles are already plastic, so we feel that to add extra plastic when packaging puzzles should be kept to a minimum.
  • We try to avoid cars wherever possible in the running of the store, opting to walk to drop off parcels at the Post Office wherever possible.
  • I am involved in our local Green New Deal, trying to secure the systemic change we need to fight the climate emergency.

Reducing environmental impact is at the core of our values as a company, and as we move forward we will continually be looking for steps to reduce our environmental impact. If you have any suggestions on what else we can be doing, please email ‘’