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Gan 356X (Numerical IPG)

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If you know GANCube, you know what they're about. They produce the highest quality and fastest all-out speedcubes on the market, and this is no exception. They are the very definition of 'no expense spared', putting everything they can into making the most premium of cubes, that are loved by elite speed solvers the world over.

This is the Gan 356X, the pinnacle of 3x3 speedcubes. With the all-new numerical GES upgrades, this is the very best that speed cubing has to offer, from the most premium cubing brand on the planet. Extremely fast, extremely stable, extremely great corner cutting, and perhaps the best 3x3 ever made.

We are aiming to grow and develop as a store so we can continue to offer great service and expand our range, so any help writing reviews, telling other people or posting on social media will only make BritCubes even better! We offer price matching, and a customer referral scheme, which you can read up on here, as well as a cube request service, which you can read about here. All of products are despatched via Royal Mail within 2 working days. For more information, please see our Shipping and Returns policies.

Sorry out of stock.

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Tony B. says...

Great service from start to end. The response time to my initial query, through to the delivery of my cube was excellent. My cube didn't come with the GAN bag that is normally included when ordering elsewhere but I received a quick response regarding the issue. The cube is absolutely brilliant. I'm not quite sure how GAN create something that performs better. I also own a moyu weilong V2 and a GAN 354M - both great cubes in their own right but neither come close to this in terms of performance and sheer quality. This cube is a real joy to solve. Within half hour of use, I had a PB single and average. I wasn't sure if I could justify paying the price before purchasing this cube but on reflection, I'd say it's worth every penny. Would I use Britcubes again? 100%!

Boy says...

SUCH AN AMAZING CUBE!!!!!!! You need this aas you can easily remove the magnets, which is not available on many cubes, perhaps even all of them!