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1 Star Thumbnail
1 Star

Whilst we're not saying solving a Rubiks Cube is easy, everything in the 1 Star should be possible if you can solve a standard 3x3! Includes 2x2's, 3x3's, and some twisty puzzles like the Pyraminx.

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2 Star Thumbnail
2 Star

Everything 2 Star requires a little bit more learning on top of the normal 3x3, whether it be new algorithms or an altered method. Includes 4x4 and upwards, and some alternative puzzles like the Clock.

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3 Star Thumbnail
3 Star

The most complicated and unique products we stock, which require several new algorithms, or require new techniques such as dealing with shape-shifting! Includes the Square-1, and puzzles such as the YJ Petal Pyraminx.

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Yuxin Little Magic 2x2

Number In Stock: 6


Yuxin Little Magic 3x3

Number In Stock: 8


Yuxin Little Magic 6x6

Number In Stock: 3


Yuxin Little Magic 7x7M

Number In Stock: 1


Yuxin Little Magic Megaminx V2

Number In Stock: 3


Yuxin Little Magic Skewb

Number In Stock: 7


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