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MoFangJiaoShi MF4S

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The brand name 'MoFangJiaoShi' means cubing classroom, and the brand has prided itself on making fantastic cubes at a lower cost. It's one of our favourite ranges of cubes, as they offer a massive range of great quality speedcubes and puzzles, all at a very affordable price. As a store that prides ourselves on our prices, stocking them was a no brainer. This is their 4x4 offering, the MF4S. At such a low price, it's staggering how fast and high quality this actually is!


We are aiming to grow and develop as a store so we can continue to offer great service and expand our range, so any help writing reviews, telling other people or posting on social media will only make BritCubes even better! We offer price matching, and a customer referral scheme, which you can read up on here, as well as a cube request service, which you can read about here. All of products are despatched via Royal Mail within 2 working days. For more information, please see our Shipping and Returns policies. 

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Diego F. says...

Great 4x4x4 cube, especially for such a low price. It comes very 'no frills' with basic packaging, with no additional tools, stickers, etc... but the cube itself turns easily (slightly clicky but low resistance) and has a nice feel to it. Yes, there are faster cubes with smoother turns but unless you're competing, this one is perfectly fast enough and fantastic value for money. It also has screws on each centre to allow for tensioning, should you ever need/want to do that.

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