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MoFangJiaoShi Meilong 7x7

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The brand name 'MoFangJiaoShi' means cubing classroom, and the brand has prided itself on making fantastic cubes at a lower cost. It's one of our favourite ranges of cubes, as they offer a massive range of great quality speedcubes and puzzles, all at a very affordable price. As a store that prides ourselves on our prices, stocking them was a no brainer.


This is the Meilong 7x7, part of the brand new Meilong range from MoFangJiaoShi. This range is providing fantastic quality at a low price, and this 7x7 is a major improvement over the MF7s, allowing for fast solving and a great puzzle, at a fraction of the price of high-end 7x7's! A great option for any 7x7 solver.


We are aiming to grow and develop as a store so we can continue to offer great service and expand our range, so any help writing reviews, telling other people or posting on social media will only make BritCubes even better! We offer price matching, and a customer referral scheme, which you can read up on here, as well as a cube request service, which you can read about here. All of products are despatched via Royal Mail within 2 working days. For more information, please see our Shipping and Returns policies. 

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Nigel S. says...

OK for your first 7x7, but this cube has some notable drawbacks so if you're serious about 7x7 solves you'll be replacing it pretty quickly. The movement is clunky and the cube feels fragile - almost all attempts at corner cutting bind the cube, and it's very easy to get the 2nd and 3rd(or 4th and 5th) pieces of the second (/fifth) row (/column) crossed over, which then generally results in that 3rd piece popping out. Fortunately once you've had that happen once you'll find out how to "stretch" the space to replace it without having to dismantle the cube for subsequent occasions, but that doesn't make it any more welcome.

Rich says...

This is my first and, so far, only 7x7. It's cheap and OK weight and feel wise, but it's not very stable and locks up easily. I feel quite nervous turning it as it always feels on the brink of popping.

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