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Moyu Weilong WR M 2020

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UPDATE: We have now upgraded this to the new 2020 version!

Moyu are one of the biggest cubing brands in the world, with multiple sub-brands as part of their collection. They offer a huge range of products, all fantastically made, allowing you to almost certainly find the right cube for you somewhere in there! This Moyu Weilong WR M is perhaps the best 3x3 speed cube they've ever made. It's a ridgeless version of the GTS3, and is fully magnetic, with all the new technology developments on the inside to help you solve as fast as possible. An absolute PB-smasher.


We are aiming to grow and develop as a store so we can continue to offer great service and expand our range, so any help writing reviews, telling other people or posting on social media will only make BritCubes even better! We offer price matching, and a customer referral scheme, which you can read up on here, as well as a cube request service, which you can read about here. All of products are despatched via Royal Mail within 2 working days. For more information, please see our Shipping and Returns policies. 

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Zac L. says...

This is my new main. OOTB it is a bit sandy, but after a bit of break in and lube, it is sooo smooth and fast. This is an amazing cube!

Helen M. says...

Great service! My son loves the cube.

Stella P. says...

Great cube with a lot of settings available. Everything you need to set it up comes with box. Fast delivery without extra taxes and great price 👌

Tom says...

To be honest when I first got this out the box I was a little unimpressed - I'm still a very novice cuber and this is my 2nd only magnetic cube and my first "expensive" cube, so I'm used to solid, clunky cubes. My favourite cube up until this one was the YJ Yulong V2 M (which I only just bought relatively recently from this site too and to be fair is not clunky, it's really nice and my favourite go to casual cube that I don't mind if I drop it) - compared to that one the Weilong WR M just feels so much lighter and a bit more delicate. I think that's what was the source of my initial disappointment but once I started using it I've completely changed my opinion. I now love it - so fast and smooth, great corner cutting, no pops at all, and I like the sound of it. The magnets, as I understand from watching Youtubers reviewing it, are light compared to similar cubes of the same quality/price point. I would be very keen to try out a QiYi Valk M plus a Gan 356 IPG for comparison but at the moment this is my favourite cube and certainly one that I don't let the kids play with! I've not tried adjusting the tensions yet but it seems easy to do and I'm sure plenty to tweak to people's own tastes. Would be cool to be able to switch out the magnets though to stronger ones like in the Gan 356 IPG. Overall a superb speed cube IMO.

John B says...

This review is my opinion on the product and not the service that Britcubes offer. You can find my review of Britcubes linked below. The first thing I noticed about this cube is the speed. I had to adjust the tensions right away to feel comfortable solving with it. The adjustment system makes this incredibly easy to adjust the tension. I found that the second to highest setting was the perfect mixture of speed and control. I don't have many faults to pick with the WR M. One issues is the stickers on the center caps which don't fit the best and hang over the corners. I would go for the stickerless version if I could rewind time. Overall I'd recommend this cube to anyone. The adjustment system is great for beginners and I'd imagine more experienced cubers would enjoy the ability to tweak settings with ease. The spare parts and accessory pack that comes with this cube is something we don't see with the more expensive cubes. You can almost build a second cube with it the only thing is lacks is the plastics. This review is purely the opinion of a beginner, your opinion might be different and that is fine.

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